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advanced praise for Going There:

The piano trio is a delicate thing, kinda like cooking. Too much of this, not enough of that… For all things created to come out right, sometimes it’s what you leave out that makes it delicious. That’s exactly what composer, arranger and pianist Laura Caviani has accomplished on her new Minneapolis-based CD. Her jazzy, self-produced tunes are as lovely as is she. Click here to read more of this review from the Berman Music Foundation.


I met Laura Caviani (pictured left) in the Twin Cities about 17 years ago, after moving there from Omaha. (I then moved to Kansas City, and am now in New York City). We met at the Dakota Bar & Grill - a favorite supper club where we both perform regularly now. Ahmad Jamal was playing that night and we were both "one for the roading it" (to quote Oscar Brown Jr.) and happened to sit next to each other at the bar, loving the music. We hit it off immediately, and have been fast friends and colleagues ever since.

I have always admired Laura's 'output'. Besides accompanying and leading her own groups, she arranges for big band, smaller bands, full orchestra, writes her own material (lyrics too!), teaches, you name it. The girl needs more time in the day!

This very personal and soulful album is a great example of who Laura is as a person. She has truly developed her own unique sound. I really do love all these tunes, but my favorites are: Going There (so lyrical and groovy), Watching the Game (Bob shines and swings like mad), Paper Cranes (a beautiful, moody waltz… Todd's cymbal work is lovely), and Between the Lines - I had to look to see who the SINGER was!! - She’s played this for me before, but this is a very cool surprise. It feels like Joni Mitchell was an influence here.

Though she mostly works with players from the Twin Cities, here she's using players I know very well, as they are my long time KC rhythm section. Always giving tender loving support and masters at their craft, Bob (Bowman pictured right) and Todd (Strait pictured below) are perfect partners.
I love this CD and know you will too.

liner notes for Going There, Karrin Allyson (Concord Records)


"Laura's persona and her music overlap seamlessly -- simultaneously beautiful, intelligent, searching, graceful, witty, warm, and passionate."

-Fred Sturm
Laura's Biggest Fan and Former Teacher
Jazz and Improvisational Music Department
Lawrence University, Appleton, WI


"Ms Caviani has that sophisticated funk quality in her
soul… an interesting lyrically prescient calling... this lady will
captivate your mind set."
-Dick Crockett, "The Voice" 88.7fm, Sacramento, CA


Laura Caviani: "Going There" (Caviani Music) ***1/2 (out of ****)

Unlike what seems like a growing number of younger jazz musicians, here is a mature, thoughtful pianist/composer/leader from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul who disdains flash, self-indulgence, and self-importance in favor of expressing genuine feelings in a relaxed, uncomplicated way. The results are thoroughly enjoyable—full of warmth and a swinging sense of fun.
Jazz as a day-brightener? Heavens, will the powers that be allow it?!
Laura Caviani has written nine of the 10 tunes here (an adaptation from Finnish classical composer Jean Sibelius is the 10th), each of her originals offering listening pleasure, whether a ballad, a bop tune, a shuffle blues, a number with a contemporary jazz feel, and even a country-flavored tune on which Ms. Caviani surprises with a more than competent vocal.
The latter, "Between the Lines,"™ also features a lively, three-member horn section and Ms. Caviani's overdubbed voice in duet. In fact, "Lines"™ is catchy enough to be a hit, and typical of the easy appeal of Caviani's songs.
Caviani otherwise sticks to the piano and leads a most simpatico trio--bassist Bob Bowman and drummer Todd Strait, both borrowed from her pal and sometimes musical colleague, Concord Records vocalist Karrin Allyson.
Caviani clearly owes Allyson a substantial debt, for Bowman and Strait couldn't be more creatively supportive or impressive when in the solo spotlight, which is often, thanks to the generosity of the leader.
Together—and they are very much so—they give us piano trio jo jazz of the highest order.
(Going There is available at and

Bob PROTZMAN has written about jazz for 35 years. He contributes to Down Beat and other publications and hosts Everything Jazz, 9 to midnight Sundays on WQLN-FM, Erie, PA. (on the web at He can be reached at


On "Going There," Laura Caviani displays a wide range of harmony and passion, temporal deconstructions, shimmering lyricism, and boundless imagination as she takes us on an enchanting journey through 9 original compositions (including a surprising vocal) and an arrangement of Sibelius' "This is My Song." But really, these are all Laura's songs. Presenting a master class in the inventive range of mainstream jazz, her trio brings a simmering, shimmering glow to each track, the interactions among the musicians falling somewhere between telepathy and mutual admiration.

There's a very blue thread running through these selections. The title track "Going There" is a Dixie delta-tinged float down a river of melody, quirky shifts, and stops. "Tobacco Blues" brings bending rhythms to a playfully souful groove, while the low-key sass of "Watching the Game" decomposes into and increasingly complex blues. "Between the Lines" showcases Laura's skill as a lyricist as well as composer of catchy melodies, while her own rimey vocals and horns add a perfect bite.

The lyrical finesse and interactive embroidery of the trio highlight "In the Interim," which features quick, darting melodic phrases with sliding fills. "This Is My Song," a rearrangement of Sibelius' "Finlandia" theme, retains the majesty of the Scandanavian landscape, celestial chords washing over filagree lines. On "The Gilded Cage," a distinct melodic line is surrounded by a collaborative loom, silken thread spinning around wicker. The set closes elegantly with the Evanescent tribute to the late Bobby Peterson, "In His Hands," and the rippling "Cascadia."

Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

Pete Whitman and Laura, with Dianne and
Steve Anderson, hosts of CD release party

In Your Own Sweet Way

"...truly fresh arrangements ... a highly enjoyable and satisfying recording."
-Bob Protzman

"The sound of the disc is as impressive as the playing."
-Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

for complete reviews and to listen, click here

Angels We Haven't Heard

" If you do not have a fireplace, candles, and the lights of the season, this music will cheer and warm your space."
-Leigh Kamman, THE JAZZ IMAGE, Minnesota Public Radio

"This season's finest new jazz CD of holiday music comes from Twin Cities pianist/composer Laura Caviani"
-Bob Protzman, Pioneer Press

"Wintry yet warm, a tinsel time treat with depth, this is a CD that delivers nearly as many gifts as Santa himself."
Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

to listen, click here

As One

"Laura Caviani...could waltz into any New York nightclub
and tear up the joint"
-Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal


"Debut albums don't get much more polished than this immaculately recorded 11-song set by pianist/composer Caviani. In a word, outstanding."
-Tom Surowicz - Minneapolis writer

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" cannot imagine a more sympathetic partner than Laura, a pianist of exceptional range whose uncanny rhythmic sense and soulful eclecticism offer the perfect musical bond to Joan's guitar...Sambanova and the pen of Joan Griffith give us ten moments of ecstacy."
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THE MYSTAGOGUE (Ben Thomas, Origin Records, available at
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WHERE'S WHEN (Pete Whitman, Artegra Records, available at
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"Pianist Laura Caviani had some impressive solos during the first set, receiving repeated applause."
-NANCY STETSON, Naples, News, FL April 29, 2004

"A forceful, refreshing stylist and a terrifically engaging performer."
-Tim DuRoche, freelance writer in Portland OR

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